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Rectory Lane benefits from 3D Laser Scanning Cemetery Walls

3D Laser Scanning Cemetery Walls

Rectory Lane Cemetery is a large open space located centrally within Berkhamsted. With the support of lottery funding, local charity the Friends of St. Peter’s Berkhamsted plans to restore monuments, a memorial arch, gates and walls around the cemetery and to improve the public space for hosting local events.

The brick perimeter wall around the cemetery which is in state of disrepair, measures around 400m in length and backs onto 17 private homes. Over the course of a 3 day period, Terrain Surveys managed a 3D laser scan survey of both sides of the wall, liaising with householders to arrange access to rear gardens to carry out the scanning work.

A full colour 3D point cloud was produced of the perimeter walls of the cemetery which was used in AutoCAD to produce a full set of detailed wall elevations. From the pointcloud data a TrueView file was supplied to the client, allowing them to use the rich scan data via a simple to use panoramic viewer. The Truview file allows consultants to view all areas of damage to brickwork and is being used by restoration contractors to quote to for remedial work.

Ann Massatt from Friends of St. Peter’s said, “Terrain Surveys were highly responsive in carrying out survey of the wall around Rectory Lane Cemetery. Prior contact had been made with neighbours to arrange access and the surveyors were very friendly and polite when working on site. We were able to review the A0 sized drawings and use TrueView to inspect the 3D model, which has been invaluable for briefing restoration contractors.”

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