Laser Scanning at Fort Gilkicker

Laser Scanning at Fort GilkickerFort Gilkicker is a Victorian fort located on the Hampshire coast overlooking the Solent, near Gosport. It consisted of 22 gun emplacements in a semi-circular series of granite-faced casemates designed to sweep the approaches to Portsmouth harbour with devastating gun fire. The fort has not been used for costal defence since the 1950’s and has since been empty with some use as a storage facility.

Terrain Surveys were commissioned by FSP Architects, acting on behalf of property developers Askett Hawk, to provide a measured survey to include; floor plans, elevations, a series of sections and a topographical survey. It is proposed to convert the fort into a series of 3 storey luxury homes with beach front views over the Solent.

Although the survey deliverables consisted of 2D drawings, 3D laser scanning was used to capture the building’s complex layout. The resulting pointcloud data gave a much clearer picture of the building’s make up which could not be captured with traditional survey techniques. The advantage of using laser scanning means that we have everything captured and additional information is on hand without the need for costly re-visits.

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