BIM/Revit Surveys

Measured Surveys in Revit

With the growing adoption of BIM by the construction and property sectors, quality measured survey data is integral for your project and we have seen a steady increase in demand for the delivery of measured surveys in a 3D Revit format. An accurate 3D model is essential for your BIM project for each stage, from the design through to construction, managing and running the building and finally de-commissioning.

The services we can offer:

  • 3D Revit models for buildings, encompassing plans, elevations and sections.
  • 3D topographical surveys showing ground terrain, surface features and services.
  • Pointcloud data files delivered in your chosen format.
  • TruView files, using pointcloud data with panoramic photography through a viewable web plug-in.

The advantages of using 3D survey models over traditional 2D CAD drawings are well documented, with fundamental differences including that the Revit model is a complete 3D replica of your building or site and all elements within the model contain intelligent data, instead of just 2D linework.

We would normally use 3D laser scanning to capture all of the features of your site, with the registered pointcloud file being used to create the Revit model.

Together with the building we can provide a topographical survey of our site, showing all features and ground surface in a Revit model. This can also include surrounding building facades for site context purposes and rights of light analysis.

Client input at the survey specification stage is vital to make sure that the required features are included within the Revit model at the correct level of detail. If you would like to discuss a current project or would like further information, please contact us.