Topographical Surveys

A thorough topographical land survey is essential to any project that you are considering and can lessen the possibility of costly mistakes or unforeseen issues.


Measured Building Surveys

The adoption of laser scanning to capture 3D data of a building or structure enables us to provide measured building surveys in 2D and 3D formats.



An accurate 3D model is essential for your BIM project for each stage, from the design through to construction, managing and running the building and finally de-commissioning.


Laser scanning

All of the data can be captured at once, which removes the need for additional site visits to gather further information.


Engineering Surveys

At Terrain Surveys we have vast experience in engineering surveying and we use the latest technology available to provide you with an accurate and cost effective service.


GPS Surveys

GPS surveys can provide you with a solution for many aspects of your topographical survey requirements with applications


Property Surveys

At Terrain Surveys we are experienced in many aspects of property measurement and can provide you with accurate and cost effective services from individual properties through to large property portfolios.


Land Surveying

Terrain Surveys are a land surveying practise offering a range of measured survey services, keeping up to date with current demands of both 2D and 3D information.


Boundary Plans & Area Surveys

We use the latest measuring technology to ensure accuracy and speed of delivery to maximise property revenue. We provide you with accurate floor plans and a comprehensive area schedule for the best interpretation of your property.