Boundary Plans & Area Surveys


Boundary Surveys
Boundary features can be surveyed alongside other physical features on the ground and along with Registered Title Deeds evidence can be collected for any boundary disputes. Boundaries can be accurately surveyed and overlain the Registered Title Deed to help resolve disputes and independent advice can be offered. We are able to offer advice and can provide accurate plans of what is currently on the ground to aid establishing new boundaries. If there is sufficient dimensional information from existing points on the ground we may be able to re-establish a boundary. Where there is a dispute between neighbours, it may be necessary to seek legal advice as we are not able to establish a legal boundary

Lease Plans and Land Registration
Since the Land Registration Act 2002 and the Licensing Act 2003 the need for accurate lease and title plans in the property management sector has greatly increased. Our experience means that we can provide you with Land Registry compliant plans at minimal disruption, should you have new boundaries or changes to any boundaries you wish to register. These are normally related to Ordnance Survey mapping which we are able to relate to with the OSGPS active network using the latest GPS technology.

Area Measurement (NIA & GIA)
Working in accordance with ‘RICS Code of Measurement Practice’ we provide an accurate and independent measurement of internal building areas for NIA, GIA and ITZA retail zoning. We use the latest measuring technology to ensure accuracy and speed of delivery to maximise property revenue. We provide you with accurate floor plans and a comprehensive area schedule for the best interpretation of your property. Whether your requirement covers a single property or is part of a portfolio we have the capacity and experience to deal with the project.