Property Surveys

private-propertiesAt Terrain Surveys we are experienced in many aspects of property measurement and can provide you with accurate and cost effective services from individual properties through to large property portfolios.

Boundary Demarcation

Boundary features can be surveyed alongside other physical features on the ground and along with Registered Title Deeds evidence can be collected for any boundary disputes. Boundaries can be accurately surveyed and overlain the Registered Title Deed to help resolve disputes and independent advice can be offered. We are able to offer advice and can provide accurate plans of what is currently on the ground to aid establishing new boundaries. If there is sufficient dimensional information from existing points on the ground we may be able to re-establish a boundary. Where there is a dispute between neighbours, it may be necessary to seek legal advice as we are not able to establish a legal boundary.

Flood Plain Mapping

If you require a flood risk assessment, we are able to provide suitable topographical surveys which can be utilised for comparison purposes, cross sections and modelling purposes. The plans are related to Ordnance Survey national grid, capturing data using real-time kinematic (RTK) GPS techniques. Digital terrain models can be created with final information presented in a variety of formats to suit your needs.

Rights of Light

By capturing information remotely with a reflectorless total station or a laser scanner we are able to provide building profiles with critical heights to roofs and windows on structures on and adjacent to your site that may affect the design and have an impact through planning issues. The survey information can be delivered in 2D or 3D  showing accurate window positions and floor layouts. 3D models can be created for use with ‘Rights of Lights’ and ‘Daylight and Sunlight’ software packages.

This information is required by local authorities, town planners, engineers, architects, etc and is necessary for ‘Rights of Light’ and ‘Daylight and Sunlight’ analysis. This information is now becoming a critical issue when making planning decisions.