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Colin Wheeldon Retires

Colin has decided to step down as a director and take early retirement from Terrain Surveys. Having been with the company since its inception in 2004, Colin started the company with fellow directors John Lane and Neil Armstrong. After 15 years Colin leaves with the company in a strong position, looking forward to continued growth and earlier this year, Graham King was appointed as a director.


Upon leaving the company Colin stated:


“I am very proud of what we as a company, and I include everyone who has or is currently working at Terrain Surveys, have achieved over the last 15 years. There have only been 2 years out of the last 15 where we have not grown as a business and this was largely due to economic conditions out of our control.
We have built up systems and procedures within the business that have allowed us to grow and create a strong platform for the company to continue to grow going forward.


I feel extremely proud of being able to play a part in helping our employees develop their careers not just technically and academically, but also as genuine great colleagues and friends. Myself, Neil and John have always believed in career development and being able to give everyone at Terrain the opportunity to develop and have a career path.


Land surveying has changed massively over the last 35 years, I started off hand drawing surveys using a protractor on film! The advances have been amazing with the introduction of laser scanners and the detailed 3D models you can produce and deliver to clients.


Seeing all these changes has been exciting and it has been very important to keep up with it all.


Time now for the younger, more enthusiastic members of the team to guide the company into the future.”

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