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Terrain Survey Sponsor Local Rugby Event.

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Sponsor Local Rugby Event

Terrain News: Following the tragic loss of two young playing members through suicide, a few like-minded club members felt they had a social responsibility to offer support, guidance and a friendly ear in a time of need. Steps have been taken to help de-stigmatise mental health amongst young men and women. Mental illness is an often unspoken about issue and is sadly the biggest killer of young men in the UK aged 22 to 42. If you have a physical injury you report it to your coach and seek advice and go see the club physio, but with mental issues you soldier on and hope it goes away.

Helped by some other like minded club members JOCA (Just One Click Away) was born. Every year a charity game of Rugby is played by a team of footballers and inebriates in memory of their friend Ryan who sadly took his own life. They play against a team put together by Welwyn Rugby club and this year it was held on Saturday the 15th of December. One of the club’s members was good friends with Ryan and asked if Terrain Surveys would be happy to sponsor a kit, which was an opportunity that we were proud to be involved with.

Nick Metiver, Senior Surveyor at Terrain Surveys comments “This year’s game was as tight as it has been every year and even had a cameo from former England player Kyran Bracken for Heyward’s Hero’s, however his presence couldn’t prevent another loss with Welwyn winning the game 24-7. This didn’t sour the atmosphere and both teams and supporters headed inside for an auction, raffle and charity karaoke. It was a great day and evening with just over £1800 being raised for JOCA.”

If you are feeling anxious, sad, or suicidal; There are people here to help you. Help is Just One Click Away. Head over to JOCA for more advice and support. #It’sOkayNotToBeOkay

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