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Government Playbook Reinforces Role Of BIM And Digital

The government’s new Construction Playbook reinforces the BIM and digital requirements for public sector clients and contractors. The Construction Playbook is similar to the existing Outsourcing Playbook, and provides guidance on planning, evaluation, contract selection and implementation. Early on in its 83 pages, the Playbook states: “Contracting authorities should use the UK BIM Framework to [...]

Embedding BIM In Offsite Construction

Is digital innovation a core aspect of the Seismic project? Absolutely, yes. The construction industry has undergone a significant digital transformation over several decades – that has accelerated considerably in more recent years, so it’s important to make sure that digital solutions are created alongside the development of the physical product itself. All too often [...]

Passing The BIM Baton

The introduction of BIM to our industry was meant to boost efficiencies and save work. So why in the design of services has this not resulted in more streamline processes, asks Dominic Sibbring, director of Digital Engineering Studio. Digital Engineering Studio is a BIM outsource provider that specialises in the delivery of BIM projects for […]

Drones Could Make Road Closures A Thing Of The Past

Drone technology could make the days of road closures or hazardous topographical survey work a thing of the past, says Ian Tansey, managing director of ProDroneWorx, as he explains Highway England’s newly minted plan for autonomous and connected plant. Last month Highways England published its 15-year roadmap for connected and autonomous plant (CAP) – a […]

The Art of BIM Implementation

The Past, the Present and the Future of the New International BIM Standard Aside from the normal barriers for implementing change within a business, additional barriers exist in the case of Building Information Modelling (BIM). BIM Implementation requires leadership, a team with common and clear goals, and a mechanism to celebrate progression. Building Information Modelling [...]

Everything You Need to Know about Scan to BIM

Scan to BIM brings the documentation of existing buildings into line with the modern digital planning methodology called building information modelling (BIM). This article describes how scan-to-BIM uses 3D laser scanning to digitally capture an existing building as a point cloud, for the creation and updating of a BIM model. The primary method of scan-to-BIM [...]

Tell The World: We Are More Than Scan-to-BIM

Opportunities in digital twins, smart buildings, smart infrastructures and smart cities require more than just BIM as data. To benefit from this growing market, the surveying and spatial industry must provide advocacy, leadership and education in BIM. Building information modelling (BIM) will be a growing opportunity for the surveying and spatial industry, providing we focus [...]

Expanding Horizons: Geospatial Predictions for the Coming Years

From New York to Dubai to Myanmar, more smart cities are springing up across the globe. As more countries start to digitally transform, the futuristic cities and state-of-the-art gadgets that once belonged only to the realms of science fiction may soon become our reality... and they will be made possible with the advancement of the [...]

Rapid Scanning During a Global Crisis

Geospatial technology can play an important role in the expansion of hospital capacity in response to the coronavirus pandemic. In this feature, David Fowkes, sales director at 3D mapping and monitoring specialist GeoSLAM, explains how the rapid scanning capabilities of SLAM technology can enable health officials across the globe to quickly and safely assess potential [...]

Terrain Surveys and Covid-19

Staying COVID-19 Secure In 2020 We confirm we have complied with the government's guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19   ⚬ FIVE STEPS TO SAFER WORKING TOGETHER ⚬ We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and shared the results with the people who work here We have cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in [...]

Geomatics – Looking Forward to the Next Decade

Welcome to a new decade. As the years progress towards 2030, many challenges and opportunities may emerge for the geomatics profession across a wide spectrum of activities. The democratization of geospatial data and the rapid advancement of technologies to capture this data require a skilled labour force. Where will the surveyors, geospatial scientists, and spatial [...]

BIMs Growth In 2020

Frank Weiss and Léon van Berlo look at how standards and greater collaboration across the industry are propelling BIMs growth. BIM has gone through something of a renaissance in 2019. Not that as a methodology it was outdated, but the interpretations and discussions around it have evolved over the last year. There is a clear [...]

Geospatial Industry Driven By Construction Industry

In a recent survey among geospatial surveyors, the growth in construction, infrastructure and urban planning is revealed as an important role of the optimistic outlook for the geospatial industry. Increasing investments in large infrastructure and construction projects, and the rise of building information modelling (BIM), are expected to bring bright prospects both for geospatial equipment [...]

Building Information Modelling Standards in Digital Construction

The implementation of building information modelling (BIM) in construction projects involves the digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of the components that constitute a construction project. The resulting building information modelling (BIM) digital model constitutes a reliable basis for decision-making throughout the life of the project and features not only great benefits associated [...]

Geospatial Systems – Bridging The Gap To Construction

There is certainly a gap in information exchange between the geospatial and construction domains. This is a serious issue, mainly because geospatial systems and engineering surveys are not yet aligned and integrated with building information modelling (BIM). The BIM method is expected to move construction activities from plan-based individual work to model-based collaboration. Such a [...]

Geospatial Tools that Help Serve the AEC Industry

Of the dozens of geospatial tools - hardware and software - currently in use, only a few – such as bathymetric Lidar, GNSS-based vehicle tracking devices and ground-penetrating radar (GPR) – are not directly relevant to the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. The rest of the geospatial tools are. A GIS interprets the geographic [...]

Drone Services – Construction Site Help From Above

FairFleet offers a one-stop shop for drone services and the online platform has been optimized for customer simplicity. Drone services can provide high-precision data from all angles, covering high-rise assets as well as large areas in completely digital workflows. Autonomous flying, combined with AI-driven analysis and a deep information integration, is about to define the [...]

3D BIM Models for Heritage Asset Management

Research undertaken under a collaborative doctoral partnership between Historic England and the University of Reading, UK, is moving beyond the field of 3D data capture for digital preservation. It considers how critical information for the conservation, repair and maintenance of historic buildings can be visualized in 3D BIM models and how BIM processes can be [...]

Six Ways Data Analytics is Transforming BIM

The use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) is rapidly increasing in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of building and infrastructure assets. The reason is simple according to AECOM’s James Rosenwax and Ben May: digital technology is making it easier, cheaper and more efficient to manage buildings and infrastructure projects through digital models.   Using [...]

UK Satellites to Help Lead the Fight Against Climate Change

The British government has announced backing for ground-breaking research analysing satellite images that will better predict the future impact of climate change in towns and cities and inform future government action. A new £5 million satellite data centre involving the Universities of Edinburgh and Leeds will use cutting-edge satellite technology to help combat climate change, [...]

The great leap forward? Evaluating BIM Level 2

Paul Newby, engineering services director at national M&E specialist SES Engineering Services, evaluates the successes and failures of BIM Level 2, and explains how firms can ensure they stay on the digital front foot moving into 2020.   The UK BIM Framework was launched in October – formed of the UK BIM Alliance, BSI and [...]

Street-level Laser Point Clouds and Imagery for Smart Parking

Did you know that you can waste a week or more per year hunting for a parking space in busy cities? Nowadays, smart parking apps offer a much-needed answer to the problem – and mobile mapping laser point clouds and imagery are core ingredients of the solution. Besides saving time by guiding you straight to [...]

Point Clouds – the Representation of the Third Kind

Point clouds represent the world at its best: up to date, and with every detail there is to be known. Most articles pay particular attention to the data acquisition of such point clouds, as they are obtained from 1) Lidar time-stamped reflections with the advantage of indicating ‘empty’ space between the observation point(s) and surface [...]

World War Two Tunnels Surveyed with GeoSLAM Technology

GeoSLAM Technology - Many historical projects have great significance for a location’s cultural heritage, and indeed its people. For the team at Historic England, this is the fundamental concept of their work in order to conserve pieces of the country’s history. That much was evident with the latest project, the Ramsgate Tunnels, a 5km network of [...]

Testing the DNA of the digital twin

Testing the DNA of the digital twin   Richard Waterhouse, CEO of the NBS, says only a coordinated set of data about a built asset will result in robust guiding principles for operation post-completion. I have 50 years’ experience of the digital twin. No, really! I have a digital twin. He is not my ‘data-self’ [...]

Colin Wheeldon Retires

Colin has decided to step down as a director and take early retirement from Terrain Surveys. Having been with the company since its inception in 2004, Colin started the company with fellow directors John Lane and Neil Armstrong. After 15 years Colin leaves with the company in a strong position, looking forward to continued growth [...]

BIM and Brexit – there’s more in common than you might think

Engineering consultant Tony Marshallsay finds commonalities between the problems facing BIM – and those facing the UK if we do leave the EU. BIM’s biggest problem is the same one the EU had: lack of common standards. Over decades, the EU has gradually managed to harmonise most of the important national industrial standards and trade [...]

Six Facts You Need to Know about 3D Reality Capture

Rapid changes in technology and computing power are affecting almost every aspect of our lives – from democratization and information access to communication and how we visualize the world around us. As technology becomes smaller, more affordable and more automated, 3D reality capture is becoming more accessible to a wide range of applications and everyday [...]

Time for MoD to get on board the BIM journey

The future of engineering is digital. Digital toolsets are creating digital models of assets, providing not only the “as designed” information, but also following them throughout their lifecycle to capture the “as-built”, “as operated” and “as maintained” status of an asset in the form of a digital twin. Meanwhile, health, usage and configuration data are [...]

Johns’ Journey – Crossing Britain

September 8th 2019 ... Early in that morning, Director John Lane, set off from Land’s End on the Deloitte Ride Accross Britain event, the UK’s iconic cycle ride, finishing up in John O’Groats. The 9 day event took in a total of 23 counties on a scenic 980 mile adventure taking in some stunning parts [...]

New Products Aim to Mitigate Threats and Manage Drone Detection

Security and terrorist issues remain a concern, and in response drone specialist COPTRZ has launched a new drone detection service to help combat the growing threat the proliferation of drones poses to major events. The drone market continues to grow rapidly, and by 2030, drones are expected to contribute an increase of £42bn to GDP [...]

BIM consultants and their role in digital transformation

At the seventh in our series of roundtable discussions run by the Centre for Digital Built Britain in association with Chartered Institute of Building, we brought together specialist BIM consultants to share their insights and consider the progress being made towards BIM as “business as usual”. The message coming through loud and clear was that [...]

Drone Surveying Helps Identify Radiation Hotspots at Chernobyl

A team of researchers have used a range of drones, including a DJI M600 Pro supplied by Heliguy, to complete the most comprehensive drone surveying of Chernobyl’s Red Forest – one of the most radioactive locations on Earth. Flying a range of multi-rotor and fixed-wing aircraft, the scientists from the National Centre for Nuclear Robotics [...]

Where exactly are we at with BIM?

Darren Smith, digital buildings solutions adviser at the Electrical Contractors’ Association, looks at figures that reveal there’s still a long way to go on our BIM journey. In 2011, the government issued its Construction Strategy, including a masterplan to accelerate the adoption of digital technology in UK construction. The ultimate goal was (and remains) widespread [...]

Has the digital revolution answered Latham’s challenge?

Aecom submits digital Environmental Statement for Stonehenge project Aecom has issued a digital version of the Environmental Statement it prepared for Highways England’s A303 Amesbury to Berwick Down (Stonehenge) project, which it claims is the first of its kind in the UK. By combining reports, spatial data and visualisations, the digital Environmental Statement integrates more [...]

Photogrammetry Aids River Restoration

Structure-from-Motion photogrammetry and GIS are being used to chart the success of a river restoration project in Northern England.

Many of the world’s rivers are degraded as a result of modification of their flow regimes. This modification (‘regulation’) results from the construction of impoundments such as dams and weirs, as well as the water abstractions…

UK is a Leader in Heritage Mapping

UK is a Leader in Heritage Mapping The mapping of historical cultural features, which we will call heritage mapping, is mainly based on photogrammetric methods. Mapping for this purpose has been going on for many years using a great variety of techniques. There are also many applications from conservation and archaeology to museums and public [...]

BIM Standards Mandatory on Resi Projects 6 or More Storeys

BIM Standards mandatory on resi projects of 6 or more storeys The government is looking to mandate the use of BIM standards on high-rise residential projects over 18m (six storeys or more) as part of a raft of tighter measures to improve safety in higher risk residential buildings. The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local [...]

Measured Building Surveys Report shows BIM models lagging at tender stage

Report shows BIM models lagging at tender stage   BIM models at tender stage are provided for only 27% of projects, despite a 70% industry-wide adoption rate. That’s according to a survey by construction consultancy Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB UK), which suggests designers and clients may fear that earlier models portray a worse picture of [...]

Contractors use drones to reduce falls from heights

Contractors use drones to reduce falls from heights New technology including drones is increasingly being used by contractors to reduce the risks of falls from height, which could be useful for site surveys. Figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that over the past five years, falls from height accounted for more than [...]

Ryan & Tom Graduate From TSA Surveying Courses

The hard work of 23 students on this year’s TSA Surveying Courses were celebrated at the annual graduation ceremony at Worcester Racecourse. We are pleased to announce that Ryan Ballard and Tom Parker have both successfully completed their TSA Surveying Training Course and are now official TSA graduates having graduated on 26th July. The TSA [...]

The Future of Land Registration in the UK

With the prospect of privatising the Land Registry for England and Wales, GW turned to someone with experience of a cadastral system. Julia Stolle is a chartered surveyor from Germany with experience of both systems. So does accuracy trounce our old friend general boundaries?
Land administration and registration provides security for property rights…

Understanding the Potential of BIM to Support Heritage Asset Management

Terrain Surveys (BIM Surveys) has recetly discovered a new article we think is worth sharing.
Research undertaken under a Collaborative Doctoral Partnership between Historic England and the University of Reading is moving beyond the field of 3D data capture…

3D City Modelling of Istanbul

3D City Modelling of Istanbul | Terrain Surveys | 3D Surveys Istanbul, a major city in Turkey has developed a 3D model of the city to assist with urban planning within the area. To create a 3D model, airborne Lidar, aerial images and 2D maps containing footprints of buildings was used. When creating 3D models [...]

The diggers guided by satellites and drones

The diggers guided by satellites and drones | Terrain Surveys | UK Land Surveyors As UK land surveyors we are constantly on the look out for useful information within our industry. Over in Spain, the BBC reported the use of a digger and drone to help excavate land in preparation for a wind farm. The [...]

Get Kids Into Surveys

Here at Terrain Surveys (land surveying)we want to help promote ‘SURVEY Fest’ which is an event run by Get Kids Into Survey and Class of Your Own. The event aims to encourage students to consider a career in surveying.

Not many students may consider a career in Surveys which is why we feel it’s important to promote this festival…

Terrain Surveys Expands Aerial Surveying Capabilities

To expand surveying capabilities Terrain Surveys have invested in the unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market.
Terrain have taken delivery of a DJI M210 drone which offers a robust and versatile platform for aerial surveying which will allows access to previously inaccessible areas encountered during conventional surveying practices.

Interacting with Big Geospatial Data

Interacting with Big Geospatial Data | Terrain Surveys | Topographical Surveys London   Terrain Surveys (Topographical Surveys London) has found this useful article which caught our eye. Explaining how to interact with big geospatial data. Advances in capturing techniques such as laser scanning and photogrammetry have significantly increased the volume of geospatial datasets. Big geodata [...]

Terrain Surveys ICES Approved Development Partner

Terrain Surveys ICES Approved Development Partner     Terrain Surveys are pleased to announce our approval as a Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES) Approved Development Partner. The scheme provides Terrain Surveys employees a structured programme of development across key competencies set out by the ICES. A key part of Terrain Surveys ethos and [...]

Terrain Survey Sponsor Local Rugby Event.

Terrain Surveys News: Sponsor Local Rugby Event Terrain News: Following the tragic loss of two young playing members through suicide, a few like-minded club members felt they had a social responsibility to offer support, guidance and a friendly ear in a time of need. Steps have been taken to help de-stigmatise mental health amongst young men and women. Mental [...]

Terrain Surveys Recruit New Team Members

Terrain Surveys Ltd is delighted to announce the recruitment of three new team members to support buoyant demand for 3D laser scanning, topographical and measured building surveys. Stuart Mendelson joins the team as a Land Surveyor, following 5 years in the Royal Engineers where he achieved Top Recruit commendation and progressed to Squadron Surveyor and Team [...]

Volumetric Survey, Hertfordshire

Terrain Surveys were contacted by Chartered Town Planner, Simon Murphy, of Urban & Rural Planning Solutions, to provide a solution for his client who wanted to solve a problem of waterlogging…

Terrain Wins Surveyors’ Award for Second Year in a Row

On Thursday 8th February, celebrity builder Tommy Walsh presented John Lane and the team from Terrain Surveys with the 2018 Surveyor’s Award in the Hertfordshire Building and Construction Awards. The award was given for a 3D laser scan survey of the oldest pub in England, Ye Olde Fighting Cocks in St Albans. The judges were [...]

From Pointcloud straight to Revit – saving design time and cost

The traditional surveying and design route involves surveyors capturing laser scans of a building and using this data to provide comprehensive 2D CAD survey drawings. End users then need to invest both time and skill to interpret the 2D drawings and may spend a great deal more time using them to create a 3D model. [...]

3D laser scanning at Harpenden Memorial Hospital

Colin Wheeldon, Director of Terrain Surveys, was born at the Harpenden Memorial Hospital. So it seems only fitting that his firm completed measured building and underground surveys and 3D laser scanning…

Congratulations to our recent TSA graduates!

We are delighted to announce that Andrew Seymour and Andrew Bartram have both successfully completed their TSA Surveying Training Course and are now official TSA graduates having graduated on 7th July – well done! At Terrain we are committed to supporting, training and developing all of our team members. All of our trainee surveyors undertake 12 [...]

10km Luton Dunstable Busway Survey completed

Terrain Surveys completed a detailed measured survey of Luton Dunstable Busway – a 10km dedicated bus route between Luton and Dunstable, which continues to Houghton Regis on the road network…

Royal London Hospital Revit Survey

Revit Survey of former Royal London Hospital used by AHMM to design Tower Hamlets Town Hall As part of a £77m urban regeneration project, the London Borough of Tower Hamlets is converting the former Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel into a new town hall and administration complex. Working with Allford Hall Mogahan Morris Architects (AHMM), [...]

Terrain Surveys Wins Surveyors Award

On Friday 10th February, Terrain Surveys were presented with the 2017 Surveyors Award in the Hertfordshire Building and Construction Awards. This was given for work on Rectory Lane Cemetery in Berkhamsted where we scanned the memorial arch, gates and walls as part of a project to improve the public space for hosting local events. The [...]

Terrain Surveys Take Delivery of New 3D Laser Scanner

To support increased demand for 3D laser scanning for measured and topographical surveys, Terrain Surveys have taken delivery of a new Leica P40 3D laser scanner. The new ScanStation P40 is designed for long-range scanning and can capture up to 1 million points per second, making it quick to use and highly accurate. 3D laser [...]

Rectory Lane 3D Laser Scanning Cemetery Walls

Rectory Lane Cemetery is a large open space located centrally within Berkhamsted. With the support of lottery funding, local charity the Friends of St. Peter’s Berkhamsted plans to restore…

UK’s First Thai Buddhist Temple Surveyed by Terrain Surveys

The Buddhapadipa Temple in Wimbledon is the first Thai Buddhist temple in the UK. Originally inaugurated in 1966 by the Royal Thai Embassy, the temple was relocated from a site in East Sheen to its present location in 1976. The temple building is surrounded by four acres of tranquil gardens. Land surveyors from Terrain Surveys [...]

28,270 sq m Former British Gas Works Surveyed

The former British Gas Works site at Albert Road in New Barnet has been surveyed by Terrain Surveys working for Rund Partnership on behalf of One Housing Group. The gas…

3D Survey Model Enables Vertical Extension

Terrain Surveys were approached by PHD Associates to produce a 3D Survey model to help in converting 2 Jamaica Road – a landmark building, originally built in 1887, nestled between 2 taller…

How 3D laser scanning supports the building design process

  3D laser scanning surveys have become an indispensable tool for use in building construction. This method of measurement allows designers and project managers to rapidly acquire building data in three dimensions reliably and with low processing time. 3D laser scanning digitally captures the shape of physical objects using laser to accurately capture position of [...]

Terrain Surveys Holds a Successful CPD Event at Tewin Bury Farm

On 10th March 2016, the Terrain Surveys team held a Continual Professional Development (CPD) event held at Tewin Bury Farm where they presented a demonstration of laser scanning and 3D modelling to 25 construction professionals from across Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. This CPD event was the latest in a series of presentations about Building Information Modelling [...]

Cygnet Health Care Commission measured surveys by Terrain Surveys

Terrain Surveys are undertaking a series of detailed measured surveys for Cygnet Health Care, one of the UK's largest independent providers of mental health and social care services with 19 properties throughout the UK. At Cygnet’s Tabley House, an 18th Century Palladian manor on the outskirts of Knutsford in Cheshire, Terrain carried out a 3D [...]

Terrain Surveys 10th Anniversary Celebrations

  In June 2015, Terrain Surveys 10th Anniversary was celebrated following a successful decade as a growing company. To celebrate, the team enjoyed a great day at the Newmarket racecourse consisting of plenty of good food and drinks. The team celebrated in style in the luxury of the VIP box. Terrain was started by three […]

University of Reading Energy Centre – 3D Laser Scanning

Working with Cadan Design Ltd for architects Pick Everard and Bradbrook Consulting structural engineers, Terrain Surveys have completed a 3D laser scan of a new energy centre at the University of Reading. The scans were used to provide an ‘as built’ record of the installation. Cadan Design developed a BIM Level 2 model in which [...]

Celebrating 10 Years of Terrain Surveys!

This September we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary. Terrain Surveys Ltd was formed in 2004 as a partnership between directors Neil Armstrong, John Lane and Colin Wheeldon. Now in 2014 the company has grown to 17 employees, with further plans to recruit new team members. The first project the company secured was for a local [...]

Ipswich Leisure and Culture Buildings Benefit from Laser Survey by Terrain Surveys

Following a 3D laser survey scan of Ipswich Museum, Terrain Surveys have carried out measured and topographical surveys of Regent Theatre and Christchurch Mansion, a Grade 1 listed Tudor manor house. Detailed CAD drawings from scan data were produced for designers involved in capital refurbishment projects at each of the premises. Regent Theatre, a Grade [...]

Aldenham School – Land and Topographical Surveys Completed

Aldenham School in Hertfordshire worked with Terrain Surveys Ltd. to carry out land and topographical surveys for the whole, 120 acre estate. Terrain visited the site on three days during December 2012 and produced generalised topographical drawings, carefully recording positions of manholes and gullies. The team carried out a subsequent survey in December 2013, producing [...]

Terrain Surveys Completes Survey of 18 Schools

Working with EC Harris on behalf of the Education Funding Agency (EFA), Terrain Surveys Ltd. have completed 18 extensive school surveys in the North East with pressing needs for refurbishment. This is the first batch from a total of 27 state schools in the region which have been allocated funds to rebuild or refurbish. The [...]

New CPD Seminar for BIM: “Bring your project to life – with 3D laser scanning”

On 22nd October, Terrain Surveys hosted their first CPD seminar in St. Albans. The audience of architects and engineers contributed to lively discussion about the take-up of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and gave some very positive feedback. The company now plans to host similar events for practices elsewhere in the UK. The presentation explains the [...]

Duke Reviews Latest Technology – 3D Laser Scanning

On 10th October, the Duke of Edinburgh reviewed Terrain Surveys’ 3D laser scanner ( 3D point cloud ) at the Business and Technology Centre (btc) in Stevenage, during the official opening of the ‘My Incubator’ facility. The Duke was interested to hear about how the scanner captures a 3D point cloud, with intricate detail of [...]

Spring 2012

Following our investment in laser scanning technology at the start of the year we have seen a growing interest in our 3D laser scanning services. We have recently been commissioned to carry out the scanning of three local railway stations with point cloud files as the deliverable. The client requires detailed scanning of the stations [...]

GPS Survey Equipment – Terrain Surveys

Terrain Surveys have started 2012 with investment in new survey equipment and we have recently added a new member to our growing team. With an increasing demand in laser scanning we have invested in a Leica C10 HDS Scanner, and also upgraded our GPS survey equipment. With the investment in laser scanning technology and GPS [...]

Leica C10 Laser Scanner – Terrain Surveys

We continue this year with a busy workload, with all our survey teams busy on measured building - Leica C10 laser scanner - and topographical surveys, including a 20 bedroom residential property in Mayfair. Recent projects have included a measured survey of a bridge over the River Lea in Luton, which was scanned with a [...]

Large Building Survey Terrain Surveys

Terrain Surveys began 2011 with a busy first quarter, with an upturn in quotations and commissions for measured surveys. In January and February a team of several surveyors were busy on a large building survey in Leicester. Covering seven floors and 29,000sqm we provided a topographical survey, floor plans, elevations and sections. A more recent [...]

3D Laser Scanning

The above 3D Laser Scanning image of Welwyn High Street illustrates the amount of detail achieved from a single scan taking minutes to capture. Using conventional surveying methods this amount of detail would take at the very least a day to capture. To produce this image, the raw data is quickly processed to generate the [...]

Measured Building Survey in Winter

Winter has arrived early this year and our topographical survey teams are working outside in some harsh wintry conditions. Terrain Surveys have been busy on numerous measured building survey projects largely on residential projects throughout London and the south east. A large and ongoing measured building survey project has kept our surveyors busy, for the [...]


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