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Monitoring Surveys

Monitoring surveys are set up to suit your project and will be tailored to give you a cost effective, fit for purpose, solution to each individual site. Selecting the right equipment for the monitoring surveys is crucial for providing an accurate set of results which is achievable over the length of the project and will not be affected by the environment local to your site.

Once we have received your initial enquiry, we will normally carry out a site visit prior to putting together our proposal. A site visit is key to the work so that we know the constraints of the site, what is accessible and where survey control will be best established. We will provide you with a comprehensive proposal outlining the survey equipment set up, survey programme with the number of site visits and breakdown of our fees. Survey equipment to be used is dependent on the site and location, using high spec total stations, precise levels or 3D laser scanning.

We can also provide automated solutions for sites where monitoring is necessary on a constant basis. Using Leica GeoMOS software we can connect to survey instruments installed remotely on site and survey readings are seamlessly communicated.

Monitoring Surveys Terrain Surveys

Monitoring Surveys Terrain Surveys

Monitoring Surveys Terrain Surveys

Monitoring Surveys Terrain Surveys

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    • We will work with you to tailor a specification and proposal that suits your requirements. Depending on the size and type of your project we can provide the information important to you.
    • Using modern technology we will provide you with the most cost effective solution, delivering your information quickly.
    • Using only experienced land surveyors you can be confident that our topographical surveys are drawn to the highest standard.
    • With our extensive survey experience our surveyors will provide additional information that may be vital to your successful project, such as neighbouring building heights.
    • Survey drawings are supplied in various 2D and 3D CAD formats and paper copies can be provided.
    • Should you require a topographical survey to support a BIM project we can provide you with a 3D surface model solution in Revit format.
    • Additional services that we are able to offer to support your project include measured building surveys, utility surveys and CCTV drainage surveys.

    If you have a survey requirement please get in touch by calling 01438 841300 or email enquiries@terrainsurveys.co.uk.

    For a fast response quotation use the ‘contact us’ facility and provide us with as much information as you can. When specifying the survey area it is important to provide us with a clearly marked site plan.

    Terrain Surveys

    Frequently asked questions:

    What is a monitoring survey?

    A monitoring survey is a rigorous method of measuring small movements within a structure or building. The surveys are used to either monitor movements where it is already known that a movement issue is ongoing or to monitor buildings or structures that are adjacent to a construction project. Once the monitoring scheme has been set up, repeat survey visits are made to take readings to monitoring points, compare these to previous results and detect if a small movement has occurred.

    How do I obtain a quotation for a monitoring Survey?

    A quotation can be sought by contacting us with the details of your site with as much information as you have. Any plan information of the site is very helpful together with an indication of the issue together with an indication of the duration of the monitoring scheme. One of our experienced surveyors will then get back to you to discuss your requirements and provide a proposal detailing our fee, survey scope, timescales and the deliverables.

    Our Projects

    3D Revit Survey Model of St Pancras Hospital site

    Terrain Surveys were commissioned by the local NHS trust to carry out a programme of measured surveys at the St Pancras Hospital site. A topographical survey, elevations and an underground service trace…

    Bedford Place

    We were commissioned by consulting engineers Mason Navarro Pledge on behalf of The Bedford Estate to carry out some monitoring survey work at the properties at Bedford Place. This consisted of verticality surveys to the building facades…

    Area Referencing Plan – Warehouse

    Area Referencing plans form a critical part of all property/rental valuations or asset management planning. Many newly constructed buildings require area reference surveys to ensure they have been constructed…

    Offices Area Referencing Plans

    Terrain Surveys have provided accurate and comprehensive area referencing plans for a variety of property types including office developments. Working to the latest RICS standards for property measurement, Terrain Surveys provide highly….

    Broadwater Farm Estate

    Broadwater Farm is a large housing estate built in the early 1970’s and located in Tottenham, north London. In recent years Haringey Council have identified that remedial works are necessary on a number of the housing blocks to make them…

    Kennington Park

    Terrain Surveys were commissioned by the site’s owners to produce measured surveys including a topographical survey and 3D model information for daylight sunlight studies. Using 3D laser scanning, pointcloud data was captured of the buildings…


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