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How 3D laser scanning supports the building design process

3D laser scanning surveys have become an indispensable tool for use in building construction. Terrain Surveys Laser Scanning method of measurement allows designers and project managers to rapidly acquire building data in three dimensions reliably and with low processing time.

3D laser scanning digitally captures the shape of physical objects using laser to accurately capture position of millions of points on the surface of an object. This produces a ‘pointcloud’ showing the object’s exact size and shape. It is a non-contact, accurate and efficient method of surveying. Once a pointcloud file has been created, the data is quickly and easily exported to software allowing an extremely accurate method of drawing and modelling in CAD programs.

Using 3D laser scanning can bring many benefits to a project. The scans will capture the most intricate of building features, enabling detailed designs for restoration work. Features of buildings situated up to 200 metres from the scanner can be captured accurately. Measurements of positions of surrounding buildings and the landscape can also be captured whilst on site and the pointcloud is always available on file, to save costly revisits to site.

Terrain Surveys Laser Scanning pointclouds are increasingly being used in Building Information Modelling (BIM). Whilst many objects in BIM cannot be automatically created from a point cloud, software is becoming available which helps to translate the pointcloud to a Revit model. In any case, the accuracy of the point cloud enables BIM models to be produced more comprehensively than with traditional surveying techniques.


For more information about 3D laser scanning and our measured survey services, please contact John Lane or Colin Wheeldon on 01438 841300.



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